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We understand that database management and development can get complex , expensive and rather difficult. Our database consulting services more


We are experienced Tableau Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing a broad more


We have highly experienced and specialized consultants available for your custom needs in the Database and Business Intelligence more


APPLAYA – derived from “APPLicationsAnd Yet more Applications” was founded by a team of Silicon Valley IT Experts with more than 25 years of unsurpassed experience for bay area IT consulting. Applaya Technologies establishment is based on the requirements of many clients in Bay Area with the need for custom Business Intelligence and Database Integrations and Custom Application Integration Solutions designed to cut cost, interconnect and streamline business processes with maximum yield and utilization.

Over the years, we have provided variety of IT consulting in San Francisco, Bay area that has streamlined business processes and business intelligence aspects of several Fortune 500 companies and established long term business relationships and tremendously improved the quality of businesses for clients. Industry Standards We adhere to Industry Standards such as the ITIL ITSM Standards, PMI, SOX and standards specific to HealthCare (HIPAA), Pharmaceuticals and ISO standards as required by our customers and various other industry specific standards in conducting our projects and in providing various solutions. We strive for perfection in bay area IT consulting solutions, so you can focus on your business products, services and your customers. Commitment We set the standards for quality Business Intelligence services, database consulting and other custom development solutions and worry free support for them.

With our cost-effective, custom database services and support you can get the best value for you service needs.

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Database Solutions

  • SQL Server Enterprise Clustered/Federated Solutions
  • Oracle Dataguard / RAC Solutions
  • SAS/DAS/SAN based Database Solutions
  • Remote DBA Support

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • ADENS - Dataflow Enhancement Services
  • AITRES - In-Time Rescue Services
  • ARIES - RapidShare Integration Enterprise Services
  • ADASS - Data Shield Services
  • ANESS - Near Shore Support Solutions

Consulting Services

We have highly experienced and specialized consultants available for your custom needs in the Database and Business Intelligence Areas.  Call us today and we can avail our consultants for your genera... read more