Advanced Business Intelligence Solutions

We bring the next generation features of Pattern Recognition, Self Learning, Unsupervised Learning and related AI (Artificial Intelligence) implementations in our Business Intelligence Consulting, California. Our Business intelligence service can get the hidden and undefined aspects of BI in your business such as patterns that identify and forecast progress, instability, possible underperformance of KPIs that’s not readily visible to predictive analysis. We use a variety of Pattern Recognition techniques that are proven to forecast changes in your business and pave a path to adapt to variations. We use several techniques such as regression, anomaly detection, intelligent feedbacks, Unsupervised Data Mining, Feature Extractions, Associations and such.

AI in BI also includes operator assisted self learning algorithms where decisions and patterns defined by human operators are learned and improves intelligence in BI decisions in the application. Everyday operator decisions and patterns are identified to improve or add new pathways to current algorithms.

Semiconductor, Auto and other Mechanical Industry Application

A good anomaly implementation we carried out for a large customer is to identify production/mechanical systems and parts that tend to fail over period of time. Such data is processed with intelligence and relay information in advance to either prepare for such anomalies and failures in advance and have the necessary service carried out ahead of time such as switching out parts, having a planned maintenance and so on, without having to wait for systems/components to fail and halting production.

We provide such advanced Business Intelligence Consulting, Californiafor a fraction of the cost and customized unlike large competitors such as IBM. We work with your budget and timeline and also you get to own the final solution.

HealthCare Application

One of our Business intelligence implementation in healthcare industrysets examples from services that’s used in public sector is to identify patterns and incorporate AI and identify hidden KPIs which in turn would provide a deterministic KPI. Several treatment options for a specific condition are pattern analyzed for treatment options and along with various influential conditions the most successful treatment pathways are identified and in course forming newer process paths in existing process. Yes, it could be a bit tricky to wrap around the concept where AI continuously redefine your pathways and processes every day, every week and continuously and evolve and ultimately present the operator (Doctors, Nurses, etc,. ) with superior paths and options of proven treatments.

The AI implementation is even better when implemented in sync with our BI Brokering or say Business Intelligence Consulting, California ( ARIES ), this allows us to gather data from disparate systems and analyze through our advanced AI BI methods and identify and define hidden patterns that could drive your business efficiently and with improved fault tolerance and anomalies and always guarantee your processes are evolving and always change for the better as your environments, operators, systems change.