Applaya Insights


Database Technology is the core of our business today.   We are committed to pushing limits, inventing newer and better ways of integrations and implementations and challenge and question the standard ways  and pave new avenues morphing and changing relational database technology.

The ancient war of relational database Vs object database has ended and apparently the winner RDBMS still standing, yet quivering so subtly at the presence of its successors NoSQL , BigData and so on.

Although these new technology contributions to the database arena bring some new features and value such as Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB etc., they themselves are not enough to over run the relational model fully yet.   Not anytime in the near future.   They definitely bring value in pockets where needed and solve specific needs.

Many relational vendors have adapted well by adding new features and functionalities to face the new and emerging combatants in the database arena which is exactly what happened with the championship match with OODBMS.   RDBMS bridged the critical gap by providing support for varied data, introduce custom and extended data types and so on.

Giants like Amazon redshift , EMC Greenplum and other Bigdata models have targeted the industry and gained success.    However many of them realized that having a SQL layer on top of them is necessary in most cases to adapt to the newer concept.   Columnar database like Amazon’s Redshift has proven it’s worth in the recent periods by providing high performance and high volume data storage in sync with lower cost.     But the hidden and fascinating fact is that Amazon’s Redshift is actually two  layers above the Object Relational PostgreSQL turned into a columnar database with just enough features to run an efficient datawarehouse model.  Who would have ever thought , when thinking fast datawarehousing one would be thinking PostgreSQL.