NoSQL & BigData Services

We are a California San Francisco Bay Area based company providing SQL, Columnar, Object SQL and Big DataConsulting for all size of businesses. Our Big data services include EMC Greenplum, Amazon Redshift and NoSQL solutions such as ELKStack, Solr, Lucene and related technologies with unbeatable performance and costs such as $1000/TB/Year. We have a wide range of expertise in implementing enterprise level Analytics, Reporting and a wide range of Business Intelligence solutions on BigData and NoSQL Platforms in sync with traditional SQL platforms. We provide extensive solutions to identify the BigData (SQL & NoSQL) or Hybrid solutions that best fit you using exceptional benchtesting and custom performance and business model assessment. We also provide BigData Administration and Supportespecially for complex BigData appliance such as EMC Greenplum Database for a fraction of your cost. We also set custom SLAs with Business Hours as well as 24 x 7 monitoring levels for any Big Data Consulting in Bay Area California.

Our BigDataAdministation and Support provides continual support with a team of members with rolling schedules. We also cross-train our support personnel continuously so our clients can focus on their business and not worry about their IT services and new hires and training.

Our Remote DBA solutions (with Onshore support – not outsourced) gives companies the best of all worlds with reduced cost, supported by a team of highly experienced/certified professionals around the clock. We also have offshore options for customers who prefer offshore services.

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