Cheap , Easy and Fast DataWarehousing – Our Implementation of Amazon Redshift

Conventional methods were proven either slow and/or expensive in providing a complete Analytics Data Warehousing/Reporting solution to one of our clients who provide world-wide IPTV Services.     We then decided to scrap plans for a conventional data warehouse after doing preliminary POC Testing on Redshift.
With 1/10th of the cost and high performance and ease of manageability and moving away from traditional in house IT management and support,  the extensively scalable cloud based solution seem to be a perfect fit.      Redshift’s capability to work in sync with Hadoop and integrations with Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce was another great motivation factor in selection of the technology.
There was never any worries about capacity that redshift can handle or other multi-tenancy or scalability factors.   The other primary factor was also being able to choose a feasible, flexible and ease of use reporting system that would work with Redshift and also have the capability of delivering ad-hoc reporting features with multi-tenancy support.
The estimated size of the database is expected to be several 10s of 100s of Terrabytes across multiple tenants all residing in a single redshift cluster scalable with multiple compute nodes.   The easy of  management without indexes and just having control over the sort and distribution keys was a significant time saver in data management.  Within few seconds the system is capable of delivering reports of various time granularity shifting through several years of data.

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