Cloud Based Services

Centralize your services in the cloud with a consolidated cloud consulting services solution. As your central cloud migration services provider and consolidate/manage your systems and services and save 100’s of thousands of dollars and reduce other costs and liabilities. We have a panel of Cloud consultants in Sanfrancisco, Bay Areato provide mid and enterprise level Cloud migration Services in California for many of our customers.

Cloud Solutions:

  • Database Cloud deployment – Create/Migrate your Oracle/SQL Server/MySQL or other NoSQL Database & Big data Servers to the cloud and reduce hardware and systems costs. Extend your Data Center into the Cloud by VPCs. In addition, our Cloud migration services in California can also manage your databases and reduce DBA and DevOps costs.
  • Cloud Data Warehousing – Migrate/Create your datawarehousing Services to a High Capacity, Geographical High Availability, High Performance, Low cost cloud based Datawarehousing system. Call us to build or transform your datawarehouse, business intelligence, reporting services into cloud based , SAAS On Demand Reporting/Dashboard solutions and tremendously cut costs (approx. $1000/TB/year)
  • Cloud Application Servers – Create/Migrate your Windows, Linux and other application Servers with our cloud migration service, this will cut costs (Hardware, systems & support costs) and increase availability (both local and geographical worldwide).
  • Virtual Private Clouds – Create/Migrate part of your IT structure in the cloud.
  • End-End Cloud Monitoring Solutions – It’s one thing designing complex cloud solutions. It’s a complete another thing to have end-end failsafe monitoring with extensive dashboards such as various levels of live performance for Managers, Engineers and Support Personnel, so they can get the summary performance of their system or quickly debug and resolve issues.We have implemented cutting-edge end-end cloud monitoring solutions including automated SLA escalation systems and mobile routing and acknowledgement of production issues.
  • Other Cloud based Services – Cloud based Data transformation Services (ETL), Low cost cloud storage, Archival Cloud Storage, Low Cost simple cloud database solutions, Cloud Caching

Contact us today for a Cloud Readiness Assessment today. We can provide specific options on which segments of your business could benefit from using our cloud consulting in Bay Area, California