Consulting Services

We have highly experienced and specialized consultants available for your custom needs in the Database and Business Intelligence Areas.  Call us today and we can avail our consultants for your general needs in Data Integration, Database Administration, Data Warehousing, DataGuard &  Database High Availability Solutions (Oracle & SQL Server Clusters), Enterprise Load Balancing Solutions for Database & DataWarehouse environments, Database virtualization, Cloud Migration and much more.

We provide quality consultants and solutions at affordable costs that fit your budget  and also managed services team with good Technical and Project Management skills.

Our Applaya Systems Realization Services (ASYRES) comprises of a rapid assessment and feasibility study of all our above solutions for your Business Systems.  Our ASWAT( Applaya System-Wide Assessment Team) will be at your service to identify and target specific components of your business which needs attention on various levels such as architecture, performance, security, hardware, etc., which can tremendously benefit from our recommendations and solutions.

For highly restrictive customer environments with various regulations, our custom solutions are structured to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems with little or no changes to your systems or processes.