Cost effective EMC Pivotal Greenplum Support

If you’ve greenplum, you’ve probably realized the challenges already.     We can  provide proactive monitoring and support with insider knowledge, so you can have the much deserved peace.

Why choose us for Greenplum?

  • We have extensive expertise in Greenplum support, supporting companies such as VMware (EMC is parent)
  •  We also support greenplum for startups with limited budgets
  •  Extensive expertise in optimizing your database, providing proven and best practices of design changes from experience and resolving production issues
  •  Proven methods in optimizing distribution and segment management
  •  Effective ways of managing/monitoring workloads
  •  Taking proactive measures to prevent contention and before it becomes critical and affects your SLA
  •  All the inside expertise from vmware we gained to resolve monitoring and other issues related to high load
  •  Workaround for partitioning issues, security/authorization, and specific developer features, concurrency issues
  •  We have set the new standard for greenplum resolutions
  •  Most of all, have us proactively support you giving you the highest possible availability  without the usual highest cost.
  •  We have a DBA pool who can around the clock provide monitoring for usually for a fraction of inhouse DBA costs for most customers.  So you don’t have to worry about losing DBAs/re-hiring/training, vacations, partial support situations, sick/timeoff
  • We provide transparent support and also bear the overhead of cross training our team without customer involvement
  • Issues and solutions are assessed and looked at by several DBAs , so we miss nothing on our watch


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