Let us help your business and IT challenges

Repeated Incidents and Performance Issues:

Are you encountering recurring incidents related to performance or other issues? Our expertise allows us to delve deep into causality and offer resolutions or alternative solutions that align with your budget. Notably, we’ve assisted industry leaders like VMWare in identifying stable solutions and alternatives for managing one of the world’s largest Virtualization Systems, utilized by their Engineers and Consultants.

Database Deadlocks and Productivity Impacts:

Do database deadlocks, locking issues, or other technological challenges persistently affect productivity, leading to disagreements and debates among teams and departments? Our services encompass finding solutions and mediating disputes. We’ve successfully resolved such issues for one of the largest Insurance Companies in the US, resulting in enhanced productivity and performance.

Critical Data Accessibility and Management Reporting:

Is your critical data, such as KPIs, constrained within vendor platforms with limited reporting capabilities, hindering informed decision-making and business forecasting? We specialize in providing superior management reporting solutions, exemplified by our work with one of the largest credit card companies. Our Data Hub and centralized data brokering technologies ensure management remains abreast of key performance indicators across departments and operations, consolidating data from diverse sources into specialized data hubs.

Empowering Stakeholders with Timely Knowledge:

As a stakeholder or manager, do you seek critical performance metrics directly, bypassing interpretation and potential data loss? Our management reporting solution, developed for a multinational Fortune 100 company, grants you access to real-time performance insights tailored to your role, empowering confident decision-making ahead of meetings.

Multi-dimensional Analytics and Accessibility:

Our multi-dimensional analytics empower stakeholders and management to manipulate data at a granular level, facilitating informed decision-making. Browser-based tools, designed for ease of access, enable seamless data manipulation with minimal technical assistance.

Legacy Systems Optimization and Migration Options:

Are your legacy systems impeding optimal data utilization? We offer comprehensive migration options, tailored to fit your budget, facilitating the extraction of maximum value from legacy systems through both onsite and cloud-based solutions.

Budget-Friendly Analytics Solutions:

If your current analytics tools exceed budgetary constraints, we provide cost-effective alternatives. For instance, we implemented custom analytics on the cloud for an international IPTV company, resulting in substantial cost savings and enhanced functionality.

POC Options for Solution Assessment:

Concerned about vendor selection? We offer Proof of Concept (POC) work to assess our solutions before committing to larger projects, ensuring alignment with your requirements and objectives.

Challenges with Freelancers and Contractors:

We understand the limitations of individual freelancers and contractors and offer comprehensive team-based solutions. Our teams undergo rigorous cross-training, ensuring continuity and proficiency across various technologies and project requirements.

 Microsoft Access Database Challenges and Solutions:

Is your Microsoft Access database causing performance issues? Our solutions encompass addressing both data and front-end challenges, offering various options such as SQL Server, SharePoint, PowerBI/SQL Reporting, Tableau, and more, with flexible onsite and cloud deployment options.

Automation of Manual Processes and Excel Manipulations:

We specialize in automating manual processes, reducing overhead and costs associated with manual data manipulation. Our solutions, exemplified by a major client case study, streamline operations, resulting in significant cost savings.

Scalable Cloud Solutions and Cost Optimization:

Our scalable cloud solutions eliminate the need for large upfront hardware investments, allowing you to align resources with budgetary needs and adapt to evolving technology trends without long-term commitments.

Proactive Support and Ticket Reduction:

We prioritize proactive measures to prevent issues, minimizing the need for support tickets. Our approach, exemplified by successful implementations for large pharmaceutical and semiconductor companies, significantly reduces support ticket volumes.

Technology Stack Assessment and Solutions Identification:

Leveraging our SWAT (System Wide Assessment Team), we conduct thorough technology stack assessments to identify performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and other issues, providing actionable solutions for enhanced productivity and cost reduction.

 Documentation and Knowledge Management Solutions:

Are you lacking documentation for legacy systems? We specialize in reverse engineering and comprehensive documentation creation, facilitating better insights, decision-making, and streamlined operations.