Microsoft Access Consulting Services

We provide one of the most affordable Microsoft Access consulting services including Migration, Development and customization services in the bay area.

We have highly specialized Access Development team  and  as a Microsoft Partner vast experience in providing Microsoft Approved training and beta testing partner for select products.   We bring you in-depth knowledge and skill set than general IT and database consulting companies .

Enjoy our various complimentary services such as free reports design and data transformation services for Access and SQL Server when you use our services.

Our Microsoft Access developments are highly cost effective and fast-paced to meet specific  customer timeline and needs.   We have over  2 decades of  Access experience  handling highly complex access projects (see service details below) supporting clients all around the bay area and beyond.


  • MSAccess to SQL Server Migration
  • Migrations to recent versions of MSAccess
  • Redefining old DAO objects to ADO for older MSAccess versions
  • Implementing MSAccess security encryption features
  • Trust Center configurations
  • Extensive VBA programming for security and complex forms
  • Access development with future SQL Server compatibility and scalability
  • Extensive optimizations and improving Access performance
  • Access data cleansing and data integrity setups
  • Setup of centralized Access Reporting systems linked to larger databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL etc.,
  • Integration of Access with other Microsoft platforms such as sharepoint, Excel , Word
  • Complimentary training in Access Reporting and post-migration SQL Server reporting
  • We structure your access Migrations or development so you can design your own reports as needed both on Access and SQL Server with little or no training



  • Migration of an extensive NIKU Project Mgmt Acccess Reporting system to SQL Server based intranet reporting system for a major credit card company
  • Programming and customization of complex DNA Analysis and Forensics access database for a major city police agency.  Task includes conversion of up to 8 layer sub-queries to SQL Server stored procedures and migration of Data.
  • Implementation of cross database access reporting system connecting to more than 3 different heterogeneous databases for a semi-conductor giant
  • Development of a secondary Access based survey repository for a major Survey Company
  • Migration of real-time systems Access data to a highly secure SQL Server platform for  a semi-conductor giant
  • Budgeted migration of Access data to SQL Server Express retaining all Access front-end functionalities

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