Remote DBA Services

Remote DBA Services

Our Remote DBA consulting in California dramatically reduces your cost and liability in maintaining a DBA Team. Cost reduction from 50-70% and the luxury of having a fully cross functional team from the core of Silicon Valley supporting your databases with custom SLAs. We specialize in Bay Area IT consulting services and have over 2 decades of support experience supporting clients all around the world. We maintain and cross-train our team to your environment leaving you free of any worries such as Holidays, Vacations, Losing resources, Hiring, Re-Training and various liabilities so you can focus on your business aspects for a fraction of the cost. Get the peace of mind with our remote DBA consulting in California and use that piece of your budget for other essential parts of your business.


  • 24 X 7 monitoring & support
  • custom SLAs UPTO 99.9% UPTIME
  • Preventative monitoring resolves issues before they become emergency situation
  • Proactive alerting
  • Cross functional cross trained team support from certified team leads and DBAs
  • Periodic SLA review to maintain and improve levels of service
  • Periodic status and capacity planning and stake holder reports
  • Free policies and guidelines for it support, engineering and development teams in the company
  • Availability of onsite DBAs in case of extensive hardware or other resource failures
  • As a Microsoft, Oracle , Amazon partners we work hand in hand with vendor support



  • Database performance metrics
  • Automated Backups/Restores
  • Monitoring of OS, Database space, table growths
  • Security & Access monitoring
  • Index, Fragmentation checking
  • Capacity monitoring and future planning
  • Periodic Cleanup Services
  • Proactive resolution of critical and other errors with alerting
  • OS Tuning, Server/Hardware Tuning
  • General performance Tuning
  • Identification of malfunctioning or long and/or improper queries/jobs
  • Deadlock, Blockings and related monitoring and resolutions



     All we require is:

  • VPN, RDP or other Remote Access Tools such as Teamviewer, LogmeIn etc.,
  • Access to your helpdesk support system or ticket queue. In absence of such system, we would internally maintain a system for your company
  • Access to email Services for support



  • Oracle /SQL Server Cluster, Standby, Mirroring Services
  • Setup of Disaster Recovery Sites
  • Setup/Migration to Cloud services such as Amazon RDS, Azure
  • Replication, Partitioning
  • Application specific Tuning
  • Custom Query & Performance Tuning
  • Virtualization, Consolidation and Cross Database Migrations

For more details, view our contact us page. We are always available to help you with remote DBA consulting in California.