Small Business Technology Services (New)

Small Business Technology & related Services 

After many large businesses we assisted over the decades with our custom solutions, and quality service,  we decided to offer the select special services to small businesses,  especially after Covid-19 where many such businesses have taken a big hit.   It is the right time for businesses to streamline and think of more online services and flexibility of free shipping and follow the model of amazon and other retailers.    Standing out from the crowd also means, you have a reliable and experienced company handling your online technical marketing services such as SEO , PPP and other Social Media marketing, E-Commerce and not to mention end-end Security.  Choosing a good E-Commerce solution is also vital with ability to integrate with other online services including your accounting services such as Intuit and integrate with cheaper shipping (up to 70% off) and other international drop shipping options from China and other major manufacturing countries .    This also means you need a company who also has strong IT fundamentals on hosting, security and other services.    Due to the amount of spam , phishing and hacking online, you require an experienced company to handle online security for you.  We have a strong and complex background in security.   For 2 decades, we have provided Data and information security services for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies through the San Francisco Bay Area and also enabled them to serve their customers globally with our global cloud implementations.    We have cost-effective solutions for small-medium sized businesses and many of our implementation are low cost or self-managing.

We can help your business achieve your goals in a short period of time and stand out from the competition.   Some of the services we provide are below and not limited to these.  We have custom services that fit your business model.  Apart from the technical solutions we also provide business insights and expertise periodically through our trusted business partners who has business experience and also certifications from the top business entities in U.S

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization Services) –   Today’s online business world SEO is key.   Finding a reliable SEO company is harder than anything else.  Cheap local or offshore solutions can also dangerously put your business and your data at risk.    The key to find a company that not only claims that they’re white hat, but also follow that and find a balance in competition online.    A good SEO , will always keep your business standout in online searches .     We have experience in SEO implementations both in general online businesses as well as online retail businesses.   We will help your business stand out and improve your leads.   We can work with your growth.


  • PPC (Pay Per Click) –  The next to SEO is PPC where you “pay per customer click” for specific keyword searches.    We have solutions with both Go Big PPC as well as budgeted PPC that grows with you.   We maintain PPC for Google, Yelp,  Pinterest, Facebook and other social media platforms.


  • E-Commerce Solutions – Picking an E-Commerce solution is the easy part, but getting the maximum benefit out of it through free third party integrations and also taking advantage of many freely available options takes years of expertise.   We have invented the proverbial wheel for you , so you don’t have to spend years in trial and error and losing all those gains that you can made during those experimental times.    We know the Do’s and Don’ts clearly with E-Commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Pinterest, Houzz and more and how to stand out from your competitors on those platforms.  Our E-Commerce solutions includes but not limited to the following:
    • Integrations with online giants like Amazon, Google, eBay and more
    • Up to 70% off on shipping options from guaranteed shipping providers
    • Low rates on Payment Gateways
    • Integration with popular payment gateways such as Amazon Pay, G Pay, Apple Pay and more
    • National and International Drop Shipping options for businesses who do not want to hold a lot of stale inventory
    • Selection & Integration with Accounting systems


  • Custom Development for E-Commerce Platform – Many out of the box E-Commerce solutions can be custom fit to your specific business needs.   As we’re also a Software Development Company, we can give you countless options to enhance the ability of your E-Commerce platforms.    For e.g. if your platform doesn’t provide Customer Loyalty tracking, we can design something that can take advantage of it.   You own and control the solution.    We can also implement variety of reporting, forecasting and business intelligence solutions that your business can take advantage off, where these are kept as a secret from small businesses by the Big Players.


  • E-Commerce ,  E-Mail, Cloud and Site Security  Your security is vital to keep your business going without interruption.  Your data is gold to your competitors and hackers and even competitors using hackers.   Saving now by compromising security will cost your business dearly in long run – Not just monetarily (yes , you can use your insurance if you have coverage, but that will only pay for the damage after the fact ) but also in general data loss, customer loss and vital trade information loss.    Anti-Virus alone won’t fix your security issues.   There’s a lot more to it than just installing a off the shelf antivirus.   We have many examples in our experience where we have to intervene.   With our end-end security expertise, we tailor the level of security to your needs.   We create a balance between security and budget or spread your cost in manageable portions and avoid the need to compromise.     We prioritize and fix security layers in your business from top-down.


  • Custom Business & Technology Assessment – Before you can pick solutions, it’s vital to know what’s priority.   Without experience of what’s out there, it’s hard to decide what to change and in what order.   We can take a complete look at your business and provide various options , both immediate, short and long terms solutions.     We also provide ROI assessment on various options so you understand how your investment is working to improve your business and save  and generate $$$ in the short and long run.


  • Business Public Relations & Image retention – It’s easy to start a small business , but to have consistent high rating and to maintain that rating requires following a set of proven guidelines.    We can also help your business with your image.    We have sister businesses and partner business who are not in technology sector but in retail and other businesses who always stand out as 5-Star rated businesses.   Use our guidelines and stand out as one of the best businesses out there in Service and Quality.  Know what truly drives your business and maintains your rating and customers.