Professional Staffing Services



  • Unlike many staffing agencies we FULLY DISCLOSE OUR MARGINS to our clients and also willing to work on fixed and reasonable margins.
  • For selective and sensitive positions, we provide a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.   If you don’t like the candidate, the service is free
  • Our founders are consultants,  and as a consulting company with staffing, so we truly understand the difficulties of candidates and clients
  • We value ethical and moral standards more than commissions and contracts
  • We don’t participate in mass mailing of candidates resumes
  • We take time to work with candidates one on one and understand their true goals and needs and match them against the best opportunities
  • We have repeat candidates and clients who comes to us for more than a decade as they know we always stand by promoting reasonable interests on both sides.
  • Candidates and employers know that we value their loyalty and veteranship
  • We pre-train and train candidates from time to time in our technical and well as general communication and other skills.   Select social/adjustment skills training is also given to foreign candidates to blend in seamlessly with their new clients
  • We keep our overhead to minimum by allowing candidates and employers to benefit from it
  • And mostly we love what we do.  We thrive on positivity and feed on appreciation and trust clients and candidates have towards us

We have several technical staffing services specific to your needs including but not limited to full/part-time consultants (both onsite/offsite), employee (temp & fulltime) resources and  managed staffing resources (MSP).    In addition to customer interviews, all our staffing resources are pre-qualified on various personnel, technical levels.  Additionally special staffing resources are also security cleared for high profile government and other private/public sector needs.

Our managed staffing resources allow our customers to add additional staffs to their already trained contract resources who are familiar with the customer environment, culture, technology and complexities.  Both onsite/offsite MSP resources are internally trained by us with little or no overhead to our customers.

Many customers choose our MSP staffing resources, so they can drastically reduce their dynamic staffing needs and training, hiring/re-hiring so stakeholders can focus on their business aspects.

We have continously improved and refined our training and methodologies regarding our staffing resources by the vast expertise we’ve gained from supporting various customers. We carefully align, educate our resources to company cultures, environments and needs so they could fit in personally and professionally and be productive from the get go.