Tableau Consulting Solutions

tableau consultant San Francisco

We are experienced Tableau Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing a broad selection of Tableau Services from reports development to advanced KPIs and forecast and Tableau Training.


Tableau Data Integration Services


DataWarehouse, DataMining Schema for structured reporting.

Integration with various data sources – both structured and unstructured data.

Cloud Data Services Integrations – Amazon, Azure.

Data optimizations – Including redundant data , Data Cleansing etc,.

Various Data Transformation Services between heterogenous Databases and file systems


Business Analysis for BI Reporting


Existing Data Analysis

Data Extraction and Integration Assessment

Simple & Extensive Data Visualizations and Forecast Techniques

Data Security and User Driving Reporting Options

Hybrid Dashboards and Geo Mapping


Tableau Training


Basic and Advanced Tableau Training locally as well as throughout U.S.

Our consultants who have on-hands business experience drive most of our Tableau Advanced Level Training. So it’s much more than what you can expect from a traditional training only instructors.

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